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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. — After carrying around a coin as a good luck charm for 40 years, a Salisbury man learned that it was actually a rare item worth more than $100,000.

Garry Cucci bought the coin for $1 at a flea market in 1969. Cucci said that he’d long carried the coin in his wallet as a token.

Cucci, who collects coins, recently brought the coin to Martin’s Coins & Jewelry where he learned that the coin is worth much more than his original $1 price.

“I said, ‘Garry, are you sitting down? … Your coin’s worth a little over $100,000,” Martin’s owner John Martin said.

Cucci said that he was shocked, as he’d always figured the coin, that says Continental Congress 1776 on it, was a fake. Turns out it’s genuine and likely one of the first coins minted in the United States.

“You never know. You just never know,” Cucci said.

Martin will sell the coin to a collector or dealer for the best bid. Cucci said he’s OK parting with his lucky charm, given its extreme value.

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Unseen Picasso paintings found in garage


A huge cache of canvas painted by Pablo Picasso nearly 100 years ago were unveiled for the first time by a French man who claimed the art works were gifted to him by the legend. The collection of 271 paintings, drawings, sketches and lithographs, many of which were previously unknown, dates from 1900 to 1932. The extraordinary works of Picasso, worth more than 50 million pounds, were found at the home of a retired French electrician, The Guardian reported.

The revelation came on Sept 9, when Pierre Le Guennec, in his 70s, approached the office of the Picasso Administration, which manages the artist’s legacy, seeking certificate of authenticity of the artefacts.

In the office of Claude Picasso, 63, the late painter’s son, who represents the artist’s heirs and estate, he produced 175 different works that, he claimed, were by Picasso.

The art works include nine cubist collages worth at least 40 million euros, a painting from his celebrated blue period, drawings and models for some of his most important works and portraits of his first wife, the Russian ballerina Olga

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