Earliest Warhol Sketch Found at Yard Sale for $5 Design News 04.02.12 A British man purchased this drawing, done and signed by an 11 year-old Andy Warhol, at a Las Vegas yard sale for a mere $5. According to the buyer, the sellers aunt cared for the pop artist as a child. The sketch has been appraised at over $2 million.In other news, Gehrys Eisenhower memorial gets the green light and the WSJ wonders if the iPhone is the only camera you need

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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. — After carrying around a coin as a good luck charm for 40 years, a Salisbury man learned that it was actually a rare item worth more than $100,000.

Garry Cucci bought the coin for $1 at a flea market in 1969. Cucci said that he’d long carried the coin in his wallet as a token.

Cucci, who collects coins, recently brought the coin to Martin’s Coins & Jewelry where he learned that the coin is worth much more than his original $1 price.

“I said, ‘Garry, are you sitting down? … Your coin’s worth a little over $100,000,” Martin’s owner John Martin said.

Cucci said that he was shocked, as he’d always figured the coin, that says Continental Congress 1776 on it, was a fake. Turns out it’s genuine and likely one of the first coins minted in the United States.

“You never know. You just never know,” Cucci said.

Martin will sell the coin to a collector or dealer for the best bid. Cucci said he’s OK parting with his lucky charm, given its extreme value.

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