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George Romney Painting Discovered in the Collection of Dallas Art Museum

Art can be very tricky sometimes, especially if it deals with visual arts of the earlier centuries and with unsigned paintings. Trying to establish whose work a painting is requires curatorial research that can be very costly and time consuming. However, this curatorial search is very important in the field of art, as unknown paintings can be attributed their right value as works of famous painters.

The same happened with George Romney’s painting Young Man with a Flute. The painting was in the collection of Dallas Museum of Art for 25 years but has been recently discovered to belong to the British artist. The search for the author of the painting began 10 years ago, when British art dealer Phillip Mould saw the painting and suggested it belongs to George Romney, however he could not provide evidence to sustain his statement. Then, this year Olivier Meslay, Senior Curator of European and American Art and The Barbara Thomas Lemmon Curator of European Art came to the Dallas Museum of Art, view the painting, found out about Mould’s suspicion and began further investigations. First, he showed the painting to Piers Davies, Specialist of Old Master Paintings with Christie’s, New York who had the same opinion as Mould had and finally the painting arrived int he hands of internationally renowned Romney expert Alex Kidson, Consultant Curator with the National Museums Liverpool. He confirmed that the painting belongs to British George Romney and estimated it was painted around 1760-1770.

The painting was first attributed to Ralph Earl, who studied in London the art of portraits, but the person who did this remains unknown. Young Man with a Flute was purchased by Hirschl & Adler Galleries in New York in 1960, from a gentleman residing in London and a year later was old to Mrs. Sheridan Thompson. The painting then arrived in the Dallas Museum of Art in 1987, as part of a bequest of Mrs. Sheridan Thompson.

George Romney (1734-1802) was contemporary of Sir Joshua Reynolds and Thomas Gainsborough and he became the most famous portrait painter in England in 1792, after Reynolds’ death. His works however do not only comprise portraits, but also landscapes and historical events. He painted the portrait of the dramatist Richard Cumberland, of Mary Moser and of his muse, Emma Hamilton. She was a central figure of over 60 portraits themed around history and mythology.

His works can be seen nowadays in museum almost all over the world, in USA and Canada, at home in the U.K. and Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Russia and France, although the majority of is works are to%

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Kieron Williamson painting “Wells Boats”

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